Scientist | Filmmaker | Visualizer

I obtained my Ph.D. in 2013 in Germany after four years full-time working as a chemist in the exciting multicultural environment of the Freiburg Institute of Advanced Studies. During this time I started to focus on scientific communication and publishing, and to consider the audio-video language a very powerful way of communication.

After the Ph.D. I joined Kineofilm, a company with international experience in producing both documentary and fiction movies. Kineofilm invented an approach called “Multisensorial Video Literacy”, a technique that obtained UNESCO’s patronage and is currently developing through workshops and seminars.
Through this technique I gained experience in the video production process: editing, filming, sound recording, post-production activities, web-production.

Since 2013 I work as organizer, video-maker and visual artist in Dobialab, a multimedia and art collective based near Trieste, Italy (www.dobialab.net).

Currently I am at SISSA, International School for Advanced Studies, for the Master in Science Communication “F. Prattico”, where I study the interesting hybrid field of Art&Science for Science Communication.