VAM Lab with Asylum Seekers

In November 2nd, 2011 in Paris was signed the agreement regarding the UNESCO UNIVERSAL DECLARATION ON CULTURAL DIVERSITY. Among the “Essential Lines of an Action Plan” it is possible to read, in paragraph 9:
“Encouraging “digital literacy” and ensuring greater mastery of the new information and communication technologies, which should be seen both as educational disciplines and as pedagogical tools capable of enhancing the effectiveness of educational services.”
According to this definition, the Association KINEO has received the patronage of UNESCO in 2012 for its purpose to tackle the video-illiteracy and strengthen the Bill of Rights of the International Communication. In particular, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), has recognized the VAM method (Multisensorial Video Literacy) as one of the most advanced development of digital democracy.

In this workshop we touched the intimate roots of what it means to learn a language along with the asylum seekers guests of ICS (Italian Consortium of Solidarity – ).
The relationship teaching / learning in education comes from latin ex-ducere, that means “to pull out”. But over time this “pulling out” became a “inducing” something in the learner, without bad intentions, perhaps unknowingly. An authoritarian model disguised as democratic method is therefore proposed. With the method VAM we reversed the perspective, that is, we got us inside the “sphere” of the students, their real, concrete and affective needs.
The primary need for these people is to learn the local language, to be able to start another life.