Roberto Kusterle

Starting with painting and installations and then finding his own voice with photography, Roberto Kusterle is active in the visual arts field since the Seventies. Through years of experimentation he focused the crucial subjects of his work: human, animal and plant continuity, body as mediator, gaze’s denial and ironic and ambiguous attitude to make the viewer question himself.
He chose photography to keep the relationship between fiction and reality tight. His method is really personal: shooting is just the ultimate action in his complex and articulated creative process.
During his career, Kusterle used photosensitive emulsions, resins, glass and natural elements to create installations and photographic three-dimensional objects, as well as graphic digital techniques. He did portraits of clay covered bodies in his studio and meadows, ponds and dry riverbeds of Gorizia landscape.
Together with film-maker Ferruccio Goia he realized some experimental movies, adding some time develpoment characteristics to his artistic investigation, among them “Domenica dei fiori” has been selected at Paris Festival International Jean Rouch and awarded as best documentary at Lago Film Festival.
Kusterle had collective and personal exhibitions in Italy, Europe and USA.